Dartstrainer Features

The Gungnir Dartstrainer App connects to the Gungnir Dartstracker via Bluetooth and processes the throws. It offers several different games like X01, Cricket and Round the Clock. Available for Android and Windows Devices (Beta). Check out the featurelist below for all the features and differences between platforms.

Current Features

  • 501,301,1001,170 Double in and/or out, Cricket, Tactics, Shanghai and Round the Clock 
  • X01 Daily statistics. Track your progress with stats like 3-dart avg. first 6-avg,  Highest Checkout, avg nr of 0+, 60+, 100+ 140+ 180.
  • X01 Checkout suggestions. Checkout suggestions are shown based on your current score.
  • Heatmaps & Hitmaps. Post match statististics with heat and hitmaps.
  • Practice Games. Practice games with highscore lists.
  • Teamplay. Configure teams of human players and botplayers to compete against. 
  • Various control options. Control the app via speech , keyboard, controller or touchscreen.
  • Intelligent score correction. Correct wrongly detected throws by one touch or click.
  • Reinforcement learning. Corrected scores are send back to the dartstracker which processes the data and adjusts the sectors calibration values accordingly.
  • Caller sounds. Generated by speech synthesis.
  • AI Opponents. Create AI players of varying level to play against or with.
  • Bluetooth. Connects to the dartstracker via bluetooth.
  • Android only : Online matches. Play online matches with Lidarts and Nakka(beta).

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