The latest downloads for the Gungnir Elite Dartstracker can be found here

Gungnir Elite Dartstracker
Quickstart Guide

A PDF containing step by step instructions how to setup the Gungnir Elite Dartstracker.

Gungnir Elite Dartstracker SD Card Image
Technical Manual 

A PDF detailing the functions of the Gungnir Elite Dartstracker. Intended exclusively for technical users who are interested in creating alternative setups or troubleshooting.

Gungnir Elite Dartstracker SD Card Image
API Description 

A PDF outlining the API for the Gungnir Elite Dartstracker is available. This document is for technical users interested in developing custom setups. Access to the API requires a valid license.

Gungnir Elite Dartstracker SD Card Image
Gungnir Dartstracker SD Card Image

Download the latest Dartstracker image version 1.0.8880.32583, released on 24-04-2024, for the Dartstracker based on OV9732 camera modules. This image has been tested on the Raspberry Pi 4B 1GB and 4GB models. To install download the zip, unzip it and write the resulting image file using fro exampel Balena Etcher to an SD-card. Then put the SD-Card into the Dartstracker and let it load until you can find it again in the app and start the calibration again.

For the former Gen 1 version of the Dartstracker, based on the OV9726 cameras, download this image.

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