Gungnir Elite Dartstracker

Gungnir Elite Dartstracker DIY Kits

The Gungnir Elite Dartstracker utilizes a Raspberry Pi 4, Bluetooth, and four OV9732 camera modules. It's offered as a DIY kit that includes all the necessary components to assemble the complete ring, except for the 80 cm MDF backplate. This allows us to ship the entire kit in a relatively small box worldwide. The DIY kit is available in the webshop for only €299,-. Order yours today !

DIY Assembly Video

A step-by-step guide for assembling the Dartstracker from the DIY kit. 

Important: When the calibration fails after assembly, first check if the cameras are attached to the same USB ports as shown and indicated in the video. If this is the case and calibration still fails, send the diagnostics PDF (Settings..Gungnir Dartstracker..Diagnostics) to

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