Change Log

Below the history of updates to the Dartstracker & Dartstrainer. Check the Downloads page to download the latest releases.

30-06-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8947.26749

  • The camera height check now also checks if the cameras are in focus. An In Focus threshold value is added to the Cameras...General screen. The current value determined by the algorithm is shown on the specific camera screens.

11-06-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 105,

  • Maintenance update. Updated all frameworks to latest versions.
  • Fixed bug in Settings..Online screen. 

02-06-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 102,

  • Added online play to the app via our own server on Lidarts is still available on Android (activate from Settings screen), but unsupported. Nakka has been removed due to unresolvable API changes.

12-05-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 99,

  • Player selection screens updated to handle longer player names.

02-05-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 97,

  • UI Change. The menu list screens have been replaced by block screens. No more scrolling, just tapping.
  • Fixed back button bug in Bull Power Scoring.

24-04-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8880.32583

  • A new attempt with an image that now uses a non-writeable OS to reduce chances for SD-Card corruption. The /boot partition remains writeable to store configurations. This version can not be updated to via the webinterface, a new sd card image is needed to run this version. If you do update via the webinterface you'll get all the updates except for the non-writeable OS.
  • In case of a configfile corruption the system will now use the last backup of the configuration file.

22-04-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8878.31444

  • Dartstracker generates QR-Code specific for device. QR-code won't differ between updates with new sd-card from now on.

21-04-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8877.38572

  • Full support for the commercial license. Check the webshop for more details.

26-03-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 95,

  • Fixed bug when using undo or back when throwing for the bull.
  • Added more legs to the best of legs matchtype option.
  • Added option to print the QR code from the Settings...Gungnir Dartstracker...QR code menu.

25-03-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8849.23402

  • When the bluetooth name is empty, a new unique name is generated automatically.

23-03-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 94,

  • Layout and readability updates, for example bigger legs/sets font.
  • Entering player names now works in the windows version.

19-03-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8842.20835

  • The dartstracker now includes a commercial licensing option. Contact us for more info. If you have downloaded the gen-2 image before 19-03, please download it again, it could be the gen-1 version.

14-03-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 92,

  • From now on the Android and Windows versions will be submitted to the stores at the same time for updates. Whenever the Android version is approved this page will be updated. The Android Playstore approval usually takes a few hours, while Windows Store approval can take 24 hours or more. So for the windows update you might need to be more patient. You can check if the update is available by the version numbers, 92 is the new android version, is the new windows version. 
  • Added a 'Confirm legshot' confirmation to Local Games before the leg really finishes. This to prevent the leg, set or match finishing when the darts have been removed already, but a correction still had to be made. This option is default on, but can be switched off in the Settings..General menu.
  • Improved bluetooth searching by adding a cache for already discovered boards.

06-03-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer Windows (Beta)

  • Beta Windows version of the Dartstrainer app available via the Windows Store. This version doesn't have the online lidarts or nakka functions, just the offline functions. To download use the "Download for Windows" button on the Dartstrainer feature page.

29-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 88

  • Fix for Round The Clock match crashing the app after finishing.

28-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 87

  • Maintenance release, updated frameworks the app uses to latest versions and latest Android version.
  • Fix for a default storage path change in Android which results in a new empty database in that location. Updating to this version will use the old location again so you will have your old players and stats back. This means that anyone who started using the app the last 2 days will lose their current players and stats of the last 2 days. 
  • Fixed a bug where linking a dartstracker from the main menu, still returned the first board found when starting the app.

12-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 84

  • Fixed a bug where X01 games wouldn't start.

11-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8807.30137

  • Added another camera rotation calibration method that is now the default used. It's more robust and not influenced by lights from outside,  but it requires a dartboard with a black side. If the old method of detecting the camera rotation was working better for you, you can switch between the old and new method in the System...Calibration menu.

10-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 83

  • Added new practice game called Highscore. Get the highest score with a certain number of darts and get ranked in the ranking list.
  • Fixed backbutton in practice games.
  • Renamed Highscorelist to Rankinglist.

10-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8806.22763

  • Update for Gen 2 that changes the configuration of some parameters to be inline with Gen 1. The FOV parameters are set to 65 degrees instead of 69. The postprocessing parameters are also altered to be the same as Gen 1. This is to reduce detection errors on the lower board area. (double 3, 19, 17 etc).  After this update a Complete Calibration is necessary.

03-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8798.35008

  • ROI Calibration adjustment to reduce calibration errors.
  • QR code PDF generation in the bluetooth menu adds the name of the board to the print.

03-02-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 82

  • Added a practice mode in which games can be played for which offline highscore lists are kept. To start of one game is added called Bull Power Scoring instructions are in the app. Also a free practice mode is added in which you can just throw without rules.

22-01-2024 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 77

  • Added several X01 stats that are tracked daily for every player. You can find them in the Players...Statistics screen. Select a player and then press statistics.

06-01-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8771.38454

  • Added a 'Restore Last' button to System..Backup screen. This will restore the last configuration used before the current one. Very handy in case of a corrupted configuration file.
  • Removed Reset button from System..General page. 

04-01-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8769.33850

  • Additional tuning of parameters for more accuracy.

02-01-2024 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8767.19437

  • Added a Test screen to the System menu with buttons to generate dartstracker events (Removal Start, Removel End, Detected Throw) to test connected services via the API.
  • The Reset Background button on the Tracking Screen sometimes had to be clicked twice to work. This has been fixed now.
  • A 'Post detection delay (ms)' setting has been added to the System..Detection screen. This pauses the detection after a dart has been detected to wait for a stable image.

29-12-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 76

  • Some layout changes to the Dual Match View.
  • Added Nakka (Beta) as an option to play online next to Lidarts. Playing on Nakka only works with an X (Twitter) account at the moment, Facebook and Google accounts don't work.
  • Fixed a bug where the score correction board was not scaling right.

23-12-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 75

  • Added dual view for X01 and RTC matches between 2 players/teams. Matches between 1, 3 or 4 players/teams still show the player to the left and scoreboard to the right.

22-12-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 74

  • A change for the correction procedure of a throw. First you still tap the throw to go through the closest alternatives. But now, if no alternatives are left a special board is shown, where you can select your throw manually.

18-12-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 73

  • Fix for the Back button not working when playing with 1 team.

18-12-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8751.35969

  • Changed some timings while processing images which should result in improved accuracy.

09-12-2023- Gungnir Dartstrainer - 72

  • Renamed remember board button and forget board button at the bottom of the main menu to link and unlink. When the dartstrainer is linked to a board it will automatically try to connect to that specific board when it starts up. 
  • The Search and Scan buttons will not be shown when starting the app and a board is linked.
  • A rematch button has been added in the statistics screen after a match. Statistics will be reset after Rematch is chosen.
  • Fixed a bug when restarting the app with the button in the main menu crashes the app.

09-12-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8744.32188

  • When a configuration change is made a copy of the current configuration file is made first in the /boot directory called defaultconfig.json.old then the new config is written to defaultconfig.json. When the config file gets corrupted you can always rename the .old file and get your old config back. The boot directory is accessible from the sd card when inserted in a windows machine.
  • Only the first dart of a turn is used for corrections of sector dimensions and board rotation.

06-12-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8740.17843 & Gungnir Dartstrainer - 70

  • The dart order is now sent by the Dartstrainer to the Dartstracker for processing the corrections more accurately.
  • The commandbar in the Dartstrainer at the bottom is a bit restyled.

30-11-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 67

  • Fix for complete calibration started when detection area calibration is started as the first calibration.

30-11-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8734.16493

  • Fix for Detection Area Calibration not getting the camera rotation right when doing a complete calibration. 

25-11-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 65 & Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8729.25911

  • Fix for long duration of the first time "Connecting to board" message at start of match. This fix requires updates of both the dartstrainer & dartstracker.

22-11-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8726.16495

  • Fixed accuracy issue regarding the dart detection delay time.

17-11-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer (Android) - 63

  • Added option in main menu to remember/forget the connected dartstracker. When a dartstracker is remembered the app will automatically connect to it when starting up.
  • Fixed bug where old diagnostics pdf was not overwritten. 

09-11-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer (Android) - 61

  • Added option to download diagnostics pdf via bluetooth in the Settings menu. This function needs at least version 1.0.8712.20883 of the dartstracker. Mind that this is much slower compared to downloading via webinterface. 

08-11-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8712.20883

  • BUGFIX: After correcting a triple to a single, no triple is detected.
  • Added automatic board rotation correction when correcting from the dartstrainer
  • Added a board rotation parameter to the board settings. The board rotation is reset when 'Reset all sectors' is chosen when doing sector calibration from the dartstrainer.

29-10-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8701.31493

  • Added reinforcement learning, processing the correction data that comes back from the dartstrainer and changing the specific sector calibration values. In the System..Detection page this functionality can be enabled/disabled if needed. Mind that this needs version 60 from the dartstrainer or later.
  • Added sector calibration routine to calibrate specific sectors. These values will overrule the default values found by the board calibration and are adjusted by the reinforcement described above if activated.
  • Fixed the camera height calibration page and calibration routine.

29-10-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 60

  • Important: If the dartstracker isn't updated to the latest version. Only the Complete Calibration can be used from within the dartstrainer. The other calibrations will not work.
  • Corrections are now communicated back to the dartstracker as reinforcement learning data.
  • Added Sector Calibration screen. See dartstracker update above.

23-10-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 58

  • Calibration has been split up in 3 routines. Camera height, Detection Area, Board Dimensions and Complete calibration which executes all 3 in order. This way you can execute a part of the calibration without always having to go through the full routine. Each calibration routine also gives more information on it's calibration page. You can find the routines in the Setup...Gungnir Dartstracker..Calibration menu. For this to work the dartstracker should be updated to the latest update which is at this time : 1.0.8696.20122. Otherwise only the complete calibration will work.

23-10-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8696.20122

  • Added extra logging listing the available video devices.
  • There are now 4 calibration routines. Camera Height, Detection Area, Board Dimensions and Complete calibration. Camera height helps with setting up the cameras at the right height. Detection Area calibrates the ROI, board surface, camera rotation and board center. The board dimensions calibration finds the distance of all the sectors to the center for your board. The Complete calibration executes the former 3 calibrations in order. This way you don't have to execute the complete calibration everytime. These calibration options will also be added to the next update of the Dartstrainer app.
  • Camera Height Calibration moved back to Calibration menu and more info added to the page.
  • The Calibration Settings page gives the option to indicate which steps the Detection Area calibration consists of. If for any reason one of these steps fail for your setup, you can disable it here and set it manually.

18-10-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8690.41613 (Beta)

  • Faster detection (Down to an average of around 30 ms on RPI-4). 
  • Camera Height Calibration is moved from calibration to the initial Setup. 
  • Camera Height Calibration is changed to give more information on how to get the height of the cameras right.  
  • Improved camera handling when a device is in error. Trying to reset the device before erroring out.
  • Moved calibration and detection settings to the System menu. 
  • When updating to this version the detection settings are changed to default values for this version. You can change them again manually after updating if necessary.
  • Added FPS setting to Cameras...General to set the framerate of the cameras.
  • Added Nr of parallel processing cameras setting to System...Detection settings. To set the maximum nr of parallel processing threads for capturing and processing camera streams.

20-09-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 56

  • The application is updated to use the latest frameworks.
  • Overall application speed improved due to more caching upfront.
  • Due to framework updates, had to rewrite the bluetooth code. It seems to be faster and more stable now.
  • The name of the board that the dartstrainer is connected to is now shown at the bottom.

06-09-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 54

  • Added Shanghai to the local games.

31-08-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 53

  • Now shows heatmaps and hitmaps after a game.
  • Now shows head to head statistics after a game. 
  • App now targets Android 13 (API level 33).

18-08-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8630.23665

  • Changed that a camera configuration setting is not disabled for manual change in the camera configuration menu when its corresponding calibration step is enabled in the calibration settings.
  • ROI calibration takes a bit more distance from the top of the surround determing the ROI Y value.
  • Redirects to reboot screen after Updating from System menu.

15-08-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8624.41870

  • Added bluetooth menu to set the broadcasted device name and download the QR Code to connect to the dartstracker directly. This is especially handy when multiple dartstrackers are next to each other and the Search option cannot be used.
  • The API menu is back to set a post url where dartstracker events are posted to. It also contains a url where events can be polled.

04-08-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 48

  • Improved interface to for playing x01 and cricket matches.
  • Tapping the sound and microphone icon now disables or enables these features.
  • Improved stability using voice recognition.

14-07-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer - 45

  • The throw blocks now show the first alternative at the right bottom. Tapping the throw block will change the throw to this alternative.
  • Removed all (beta) online features except for the lidarts match hub (beta).
  • The lidarts match hub shows the lidarts site where you can lookup the match you want to play and press a takeover button. (Instead of entering the matchid manually).
  • Added support for matches between 4 teams of maximum 2 players per team.
  • Added tactics to the cricket matchtypes.
  • Added 170, 701, 1001 and separate double in and double out options to X01 matches.
  • Added accuracy statistics of your Gungnirdarts setup to Settings..Gungnir Setup..Stats.
  • The calibration in Settings..Gungnir setup.. now shows a more detailed view of where the dart should be positioned. Especially made for the new boardsettings calibration.

14-07-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker -  1.0.8595.17325

  • Removed Sector calibration. This relied on fixed dartboard measures and is not needed anymore due to the required lens calibration.
  • Removed Camera Offset calibration. This also relied on fixed dartboard measures which caused wrong offset values. The camera offsets should now be entered manually. 
  • Added a setup wizard which guides you step by step from configuring the cameras to calibration. 
  • Added Board settings calibration to determine the double, triple and bull measures of your board.
  • Added a more sophisticated way of determining the hitpoint by clustering the ray intersections and selecting the best cluster.
  • Use this configuration file for the Gungnir Elite dartstracker.
  • Use this configuration file after updating to this version on prototype 0.
  • Use this configuration file after updating to this version on prototype 1.

16-06-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8565.27521

  • Fixed camera at sector 4 calibration bug.
  • Added board settings calibration. This calibrates exactly the triple, double and bull wire distances.
  • Added camera height calibration using a black sphere.
  • The detection log now shows the distance to the bull in hundreds of mm.
  • Use this configuration file after updating to this version on prototype 0.
  • Use this configuration file after updating to this version on prototype 1.

23-05-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8542.390

  • Updated Board surface and ROI calibration to be more robust.

11-05-2023 - Prototype 1 - 3D Printer models

  • There are now 2 types of surround mounts. Surround mount top en bottom. Top for between the cameras at the top (where there are no cables or just 1 cable in the surround). And bottom for below the cameras where there are already 2 cables in the surround. 

03-05-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8523.18840

  • Added additional calibration steps for calibrating the rotation, ROI and camera height. The camera height calibration requires the black center target (a black sphere, see 3d models). You can disable calibration steps in the calibrate settings if for example the camera height calibration isn't needed anymore each calibration run.
  • Added a separate setup menu to check and set the initial settings. It allows you to upload an initial configuration file. Check (and change) if the right device is selected for a sector. And change the distance to the bull if required.

02-05-2023 - Prototype 1 - 3D Printer models

  • Updated the camera holder, the slit is larger and exactly in the middle. No wrong upside down possible.
  • Updated camera lid removed the small part that closes the lid but easily broke off.
  • Updated surround mount. Changed the foot to be a bit smaller and the hole to be a bit bigger to fit the surround parts more easily.
  • Added the center target (print in black) used for camera  height calibration. (Not for sector calibration, a dart is used for that)

12-04-2023 - Prototype 1 - 3D Printer models

  • Updated the camera foot with an additional hole for a screw.

05-04-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8495.27004

  • Fixed distortion when using vertically flipped camera.

19-03-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8477.39393

  • Moved camera enabled option to cameras..general menu. 
  • Handled error in webinterface when camera was not found but was configured.

05-03-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8463.40233

  • Not updateable via web interface from previous version, requires new sd card image download! 
  • Changed the camera lens distortion. Added input fields for the intrinsic camera parameters and reduced the nr of lens distortion coefficients. Instead of manually entering these values you can also upload a json file containg them. Check out this page for more info.
  • A flip vertical option has been added to the Camera...specific tab to flip the camera image if it's upside down.
  • The color settings for cameras (Camera...color tab) must now be set for the individual camera and not for all cameras at once.
  • Added a 'Show current settings' to the camera..color tab to view the current and default camera settings. This is handy to help resetting the cameras to factory defaults.
  • The 'Sector Calibration' step is disabled by default as using calibrated camera's should be tried first. A button is added in the Calibration Settings screen to reset the currently used Sector Calibration.
  • The Camera Offset calibration couldn't deal with large offsets from the configured sector. It now can.

09-02-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer (Android) - 42

  • Android 13 bluetooth scanning & connect fix.
  • Android compatibility is now Android 6 and up.
  • Lidarts Interface Update

05-02-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8436.20251

  • Added more Lens Undistort parameters to cope with more lenses.
  • Changed ROI Configuration + Added validation.
  • Fixed offset calibration. Removed ROI Calibration and Rotation Calibration, these were not suited for custom builds. Check all calibration steps needed are checked before running the wizard after updating.
  • Added "Calibrate background" button to Tracking page to reset the background. Leave board empty and then press this button.
  • This is an example configuration currently used for prototype 0.

27-01-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker -  1.0.8428.25928

  • 2 Methods added to get the events from the dartstracker. Method 1 is a url the dartstracker posts its event to. Method 2 is a poll url to get the latest event from.
  • Fix for calibration issue with too much distortion. 

21-01-2023 - Gungnir Dartstrainer (Android) - 37

  • Bluetooth permissions update.
  • Mind that the app needs bluetooth AND location services turned on on the Android device. The location isn't used by the app, but is needed for bluetooth device scanning to work.

21-01-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8420.28984

  • Fix for calibration issue with too much distortion.

19-01-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8419.23643

  • Fix for Detection page not showing when using less then 4 enabled cameras.

18-01-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8413.31759 

  • Removed the default v4l2 color configuration (Cameras..Color menu) for the camera's that was in the image. It's not working for alternate camera configurations, but would override the current settings of the camera's.
  • Here an example how to use these settings if you want to alter your camera settings.
  • --set-ctrl=brightness=-10 --set-ctrl=contrast=40 --set-ctrl=saturation=0 --set-ctrl=hue=0 --set-ctrl=gamma=250--set-ctrl=power_line_frequency=1 --set-ctrl=white_balance_temperature_auto=6500 --set-ctrl=sharpness=76 --set-ctrl=backlight_compensation=0 --set-ctrl=exposure_auto=3 --set-ctrl=exposure_auto_priority=1 --set-ctrl=pan_absolute=0 --set-ctrl=tilt_absolute=0 --set-ctrl=zoom_absolute=0 --set-ctrl=exposure_auto=1 --set-ctrl=exposure_absolute=225 --set-ctrl=exposure_auto_priority=0 --set-ctrl=white_balance_temperature_auto=1

13-01-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8413.30071

  • Fixed 'double click' when calibrating from web interface.
  • Fixed menu navigation issue in webinterface.
  • Fixed Issue when retreiving wifi networks through bluetooth with dartstrainer app when dartstracker is in non-detection state or stopped.

12-01-2023 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8412.36262

  • Not updateable via web interface from previous version, requires new sd card image download! Update from webinterface is needed and will work again after using this image.
  • No need for perfect white background. The background needs to be reasonably stable, preferably light colored. 
  • Better dart extraction from image. Faster detection. 

24-12-2022 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8393.23789

  • Improved calibration routine
  • Improved number ring mask
  • Precompilation of admin site pages,  this results in faster load times of pages.

12-06-2022 - Gungnir Dartstrainer (Android) - 33

  • Added support for the softtip CARROMCO SMARTNESS ARCADIA 4.0 dartboard

30-11-2022 - Gungnir Dartstrainer (Android) - 32

  • Added the option to play online against eachother => Lobby (Beta) in the main menu.  

30-11-2022 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.8369.35431 

  • Dynamic number ring mask. No need to remove the number ring.
  • Calibration routine calibrates more parameters.

27-11-2022 - Gungnir Dartstrainer (Android) - 30

  • Arcade Bull Power Scoring with online leaderboard and replay viewing.
  • Player and Board camera configuration via snapshot urls.
  • Work in progress !

01-11-2021 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.7982.35450

  • Faster removal detection and handling reducing wait time when changing turns.
  • The  'One ray detected as miss' detection configuration parameter is disabled by default. Enable it again if you use it after updating. It can be used when your camera's don't have full board coverage in the miss area and only one camera catches the dart.
  • Added lens caps that remove ambient lighting and give higher contrast for better dart detection to Thingiverse for 3d printing. 
  • Added another Gungnir camera cover to Thingiverse for covering the holes when the cameras are mounted in the surround border.

12-10-2021 - Gungnir Dartstrainer -

  • Added Gungnir Elite Membership subscription. Become a Gungnir Elite Member to show your appreciation and support the further development of the Gungnir Dartstracker & Trainer. You become an Elite Member for only 4,99 Euro a month. The membership can be cancelled anytime you want. At the moment no additional functionality is unlocked by becoming an Elite Member, but in the future a membership will be needed to gain access to online functionality. 

10-08-2021 - Gungnir Dartstrainer -

  • Added Round The Clock (Around the World) to playable matchtypes
  • Changed Matches menu to select a matchtype first and then the variant.
  • Changed menu background 

06-10-2021 - Gungnir Dartstracker -  1.0.7949.36094

  • Added a checkbox to the Configuration...Detection menu called 'One ray registers as miss'. If enabled if a ray is detected on only 1 camera it will register as a miss. If it is disabled the ray will be ignored ond nothing will be registered.

04-10-2021 - Gungnir Dartstracker - 1.0.7947.25837

  • Fixed bug that sometimes stopped dartstracker when changing ROI
  • Changed ray calibration selection for more precision. Recalibrate your board after updating to use this selection.

02-10-2021 - Camera  Mounts & Mount setup tool

  • Changed the bolts that keep the camera case from moving to the same as used for the camera case itself,  but then shorter.    

29-09-2021 - Gungnir Dartstracker -  1.0.7942.37392

  • Camera configuration now opens default with ROI tab instead of location tab.

23-09-2021 - Gungnir Dartstracker -  1.0.7936.26694

  • When the tracker is stopped manually or due to an error the power led starts flashing until the tracker is started again via the webinterface or rebooted.
  • Gungnir stopped/running status visible in top menu bar
  • Improved miss detection. When a dart is tracked on only 1 camera, it is now registered as a miss.
  • Improved camera management to reduce waiting times when changing camera settings and initializing camera's 
  • You can now change properties of the camera that are not available in the webinterface via downloading a backup, changing or removing settings in the CamsCapPropsDefaults property and then uploading it again. Mind that the color settings like brightness, contrast etc from the menu will overrule some of these settings. 
  • A "Download Full Log" button is added to the System/General menu to download the complete log with more details then shown on screen.
  • The camera image now shows a horizontal purple line indicating the vertical middle of the image for helping with the horizontal camera placement.

14-09-2021 - Gungnir Dartstrainer -

  • Fixed bug where it was not possible to go from triple 1 to triple 20 when correcting a score. 
  • Thicker red box when selecting a throw.

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